The Third Landscape II

The Third Landscape II

The Inkjet prints on Innobella Photo Paper 220gr paper, carton, wood, DC paper. 2016 (Images © Pedro Faria)

The Third Landscape II departs from a postcard sent by an anonymous person from Algarve (Portugal) to the Netherlands.
The scarcity of personal information revealed by this greeting card, opens room for a fictional story about those who travelled to the Southern Lands. The text describes the several attempts to collect information on the southern landscape, by compiling meticulous notes and developing archiving systems for all sorts of objects.
The work presents a mixed selection of photographs made by the artist herself, intertwined with text.

→’Only When the Cicadas are Gone’, curated by Maria Condado and Pedro Faria, at Atelier Concorde (Lisbon), 2016

This project was kindly supported by the O&O subsidy – CBK Rotterdam (Centre for Visual Arts Rotterdam).

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