The Third Landscape

The Third Landscape (publication)

Self-published book, 2016. Images © Pedro Faria

The book is organized in loose pages, folded and bound together by a soft-cover. Written in English and Portuguese, it contains a text piece written by the artist, based on a photograph made by Agnès Varda, in 1957 in Portugal.
The images on the book contain graphic representations that refer to different fragments of the original photograph which depicts a woman, an outside wall, a half broken poster, a printed image of Sophia Loren, amongst other details.
The text presents a fictional story based of this photograph, as if exercising other possibilities of itself, exposing the fragmented nature of (the Portuguese recent) history.

Title: The Third Landscape (A Terceira Paisagem)
Concept, tekst & Images: Patrícia Pinheiro de Sousa
Graphic Design: Patrícia Pinheiro de Sousa, Oana Clițan (Advising)
Printing: Publication Studio, Rotterdam and Printer, Rotterdam
Edition: 100 ex. (30 numbered and signed by the artist.

misprint-it, Rotterdam
Atelier Concorde, Lisbon
Inc Edições Livros de Autor, Porto
Centro de Artes Plásticas de Coimbra, Coimbra
STET bookstore, Lisbon