Video-performance, short-video, and collages. 2018-ongoing

Subnautica is long term project that consists of a video-performance, collages and a short video. It departs from the increasing interest in the mineralization of lithium in the north of Portugal (and across the globe), a situation that still echoes on the past mining excavations and its effects.

The short video is a fictional story where ocean mining, deep ocean creatures, lithium and a new blue pigment – the Ultra Atlantic blue- are the protagonists. It is an invitation to dive into the geopolitics of the underground and its multiple temporalities through the voice of an imaginary expert.

The development of this project was kindly supported by:
→ O&O subsidy CBK Rotterdam (Centre for Visual Arts Rotterdam).

→ Subsidy for Rotterdam-based artists Stichting Bekker-la Bastide Fonds