As Heavy as Gold

As Heavy as Gold

HD video, color, 15’min. (Portugal/The Netherlands). 2018

Click here for the collage work produced within this project.

As Heavy as Gold is a fictional documentary that deals with the monetization of the social.
It brings together the extraction of tungsten in Portugal in the 40s and DIY investment schemes such as cryptocurrencies, blockchain technology, intertwining it with a fictional reading of archival documents, the mining social fabric and its protagonists.
It suggests a future landscape of abandoned cryptocurrencies and algorithmic financial projects, while navigating through abandoned wolfram mining landscapes in Portugal and former bank buildings in Rotterdam. Furthermore, it leaves a question: – how do algorithms handle fiction and archival scarcity when used to filter out historical moments?

This project was kindly supported by:
→ O&O subsidy CBK Rotterdam (Centre for Visual Arts Rotterdam).

→ Stichting Bekker-la Bastide Fonds

Film Festivals:
→ L’Europe autour de l’Europe, Paris, France, 2019 (European premiere)
→ The Hazel Eye Film Festival, 2019, Nashville, US (online screening)
→ 32nd Festival Les Instants Vidéo, Marseille, France, 2019

→ CICA Experimental Film and Video 2019, CICA Art Museum, Seoul, South Korean, 2019