From the Bottom of The Chin To The Top of The Head questions the nature of representation produced by identification systems, as the passport photo, and its implications when representing the individual through its multiple truthful images. With text contributions by Sophie Nield and Raqs Media Collective and graphic design by Manuel Zenner (Werkplaats Typografie) this project seeks to establish a relation between the subjectivities of the self facing his/her truthful images and the possibilities that arise when representing the character of the impostor, or, the one who denies to show his/her face while still interpreting the rules that validate its truthful image. 

From The Bottom Of The Chin To The Top Of The Head

Concept: Patrícia Pinheiro de Sousa

Year: 2011

Edition: 300 copies

Publisher: Dutch Art Institute/ArtEZ

Texts: Sophie Nield and Raqs Media Collective

Graphic design: Manuel Zenner (Werkplaats Typografie)

Available at:

PrintRoom (Rotterdam)

Boekie Woekie (Amsterdam)

Wiels (Brussels)

STET | Livraria (Lisbon)

Werkplaats Typografie (Arnhem)

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