Sound Souvenir Exchange, 2010-2011. Sound installation, performance.

Listen to sound composition here

Sound Souvenir Exchange took place as a public event during 'Town Meeting April' devised by CASCO, Office for Art, Design and Theory . 

During the event, I invited people to exchange recorded sound files with me at a sort of sound booth installed on the sidewalk. Passersbys could recorded whatever they liked in accordance with their particular Queens day situation, either by referring to it or by finding in it, the suitable moment to record something else.

The project is also the result of a one-year long research on domestic soundscapes and its representation and it was presented at the 'Grand Domestic Revolution' exhibition at CASCO, Office for Art, Design and Theory, in Utrecht, the Netherlands. 

After Sound Souvenir Exchange - a public event that took place at Town Meeting April and in the context of Queen’s day, I extended this audio collection by inviting visitors of the 'Grand Domestic Revolution' exhbition to contribute with their own thoughts, stories and eventually audio productions that reflect on the borders of private and public soundscapes. 

The way sounds become categorized as noise and the way that sound can be used to also claim and conquerer of public space—even temporarily—brings me to the necessity of understanding the possibilities that arise when using sound as a tool or a platform for creating new spaces.

CASCO, Office for Art, Design and Theory 

Radio 18, Residency at CASCO, November 2010

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